Classes for ages 3-4


Creative Ballet & Tap (Ages 3-4):Develop rhythm and coordination during the first half of class working on basic tap skills. In the ballet section, learn poise and grace along with basic positions and creative movement activities.

Fall Session (September 3,2014-June 20th, 2015)

Level 1:
I. Monday’s 4:15-5:00pm-EB
II. Thursday’s 6:00-6:45pm-SC
III. Friday’s 12:45-1:30pm
IV. Saturday’s 9:30-10:15am-KB

Level 2:
I. Tuesday 4:45-5:30pm-SC

“Baby Ballet” Creative Ballet and Tap class Petite Feet Performance 2010

“Celebration” Creative Ballet and Tap Petite Feet Performance 2009

 Teacher Code:
KB: Krystal Behunin
MB: Mackenzie Bir
KrB: Kirsten Busby
DRB: Doris Rai Brink
CB: Christine Borja
EB: Erin Briones
DC: Deborah Collins
SC: Stephanie Cox
AM: Annie Mackee
SS: Stephanie Spencer
JW: Jeff Waits
TBD: to be determined

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